Warehouse Wurst

  • Warehouse Wurst is a simple warehouse system for carriers and logistic service providers.
  • Customers can enter orders online and view their stock levels.
  • There are three stock levels: per collo, per packing unit and per storage unit.
  • Settings for receipt orders, delivery orders, picklists, labels, 3PL handlings and billing of extra costs.
  • Easy storage location administration.
  • Options for batch numbers, expiration dates and lot numbers.
  • Standard tools for import and export of products, orders, and financial data.
  • Standard options for EDI-imports and EDI-exports to clients or customers.
  • Delivery notifications and collect notifications via SMS, email, twitter, etc.
  • Integrated options from warehouse orders to: transport orders, planning, allocation and dispatch.
  • Insightful mutation overviews and historical overviews.
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